The dancing pulse of love: In the tangle of life, a shining heart

In all of us, the secret of love whispers, this pulsating and concise force. It resides in the pulsating red that unfolds amidst a labyrinth of shadows and light, just as it is seen in my painting. It is the heart of the painting, the glow that cannot be overlooked even in darkness.

In the darkness behind the brightly shining heart, you recognize the labyrinth. An ode to life, a declaration of love to the challenges and choices that present themselves to us with every turn, with every path we take. The tangle of life, the path to self-discovery, and even more so, the deep and unfathomable mystique of the universe is reflected in every corner of this labyrinth.

The path is not always easy. Shadows and obstacles often hide in the most unexpected angles. Sometimes we feel lost, sometimes we are afraid. But, dear admirer, the heart, the shining heart, is always there. It is the guidance we need, the spark that drives us forward. You, the red torch of love amidst the stormy sea of uncertainty, lead us home time and time again.

Do not simply look at this painting, but experience it. Feel the pulsating energy of this shining heart, the soft melody that the labyrinth of dark silence and bright light sings. Do you feel how you become part of this scenery, how your stomach contracts due to these intense feelings? Just as my heart felt when I brought the painting to life.

Join the dance of love, in this pulsating dance of life – with all its challenges, joys, and sorrows. This painting is not just a symbol of love and life, it is a mirror. A mirror of my longings, my dreams, and my love. And perhaps you will find yourself in it and recognize your own journey. Let me invite you to embark on this journey with me into the radiant heart of the labyrinth, to ignite your love and conquer the stormy sea of uncertainty. This image – it is for you.


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