The golden illumination of love

Once, I saw a man and a woman in an intimate embrace, and I felt their love, their longing – tingling, powerful, like a loud call for connection. It was this moment that inspired this image – a symbol of love that is universally understood.

The world around them faded away; they were alone under this tree, forgotten by the world. Their kiss, so intimate, so sincere, made me hold my breath for a moment. It was this kiss that moved me to put mosaic pieces on paper, a passionate tribute to love.

Black and brown are the predominant colors of this image, enveloping the couple in a warm, deep, and comforting light, as if they were dwelling in a sanctuary of love. An accent color, similar to a bright gold tone, adds a touch of richness and intensity to the image, giving it a lustrous depth. This color palette embraces the viewer, inviting them to follow the call of love and feel the story of the couple.

This image, modern yet timeless, is a tribute to acrylic technique and yet exudes the feeling and fascination of ancient mosaics. The faces or landscapes are not recognizable, allowing the viewer to awaken their own love memories and feel their own personal story of togetherness.

What I felt while creating this image, I now want to share with you, my love for love, which captivates us all and defines us. An image that speaks a universal language and adds a touch of love to every home and collection.

Allow yourself to embrace this invitation, to heed the call of love, listen to the soft whisper of the mosaic stones telling their story, and become a part of it.


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Poster and Wall deco