The Law of attraction – not without humlity!

The concept of manifestation is an important spiritual concept.

However, I believe that it also has its limits and that not everything in our lives is manifested by anyone or anything.



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Here’s the transcript of this vlog:

The Law of attraction – not without humlity!


Hey, I’m glad you’re here!


Today I would like to express a brief thought on the subject of the “law of attraction” or manifestation.

First of all: yes, I do believe that we are building our future through our thoughts and actions.

However, I believe that one restriction is very important. And that has to do with humility.

But more about that in a moment.


Up to now I have only a few videos here.

And yet I’ve already gotten some feedback.

Mostly positive.

I’m really happy about that! Thank you!

Of course there was some critique about what I said in the videos.

I accept it gratefully, as there is always something positive in most of the critique.

However, in one of your critical emails, one thing has struck me,

that I haven’t made clear in my videos yet:


If there’s anything I’m talking about, it’s just my personal opinion.

I certainly didn’t eat the wisdom with spoons.

More the opposite!

If anyone disagrees -great!

If someone shows me that I’ m wrong: very good, thank you for the hint!

Since I have not made this clear – obviously – in the previous videos, this has already been misunderstood.

At least one person had the impression that I would consider everything I say or think as the only truth 😉

To avoid such wrong impressions in the future, I have something very cool:

Now I always show this little disclaimer at the beginning.

Cool, isn’t it?

If you know me, you know how broad the disclaimer-smiley just smiles 😉


When I came up with the disclaimer idea, I had also the idea for my topic today:

The law of attraction and capacity to accept criticism.

Many books on spirituality and Esoterism also deal with the topic of manifestation.

You know that:

That’s the thing about thinking right. Or wishing right.

On the one hand, the law of attraction is invoked in manifesting:

You get what you think or do.

On the other hand, the law of cause and effect:

Everything that happens has a cause.

Everything that happens to you has its cause in your thinking or doing.

In a nutshell, manifesting is about creating your future through your thinking.

Or, to put it a little overstated: “I don’t know.”

Happiness is the result of right thinking.

So far, so good.



Now there are authors and spiritual teachers who think the whole thing further:

Pain and suffering or bad luck are also the result of your thoughts and actions.

Only the wrong way of thinking or acting.

So happiness is the result of right thinking and pain is the result of wrong thinking.


And that’s where I see a problem.

In principle, I believe we are responsible for our future.

And that much in our lives, especially spiritually, depends on what we think.

However, I also believe that not everything that happens to you has its reason in your thinking.


Please take a very simple but fictional example:

A good friend dies in an accident.

Is this the result of his “wrong” thinking?

Or is the grief you are going through a result of your “wrong” thinking?

What is the reason for this ” Situation “?

Which one of you two has manifested this situation?

In a workshop with a spiritual teacher I heard that all bad things have their cause in human thinking, too.

In the above example, according to this spiritual teacher, you were the one who manifested something bad.

However, this teacher always had a back door:

Every situation always has something that is good for you and your spiritual path.

If you haven’t manifested it, at least there’s a message for you.

In the example of the accident, neither of you may have manifested this situation.

But there’s a message in it for you.

That, at least, was the spiritual teacher I was thinking about.

I find this unconditional reflection on our thoughts and actions difficult.

Because there is a danger that someone will refuse to face reality.

Why do I see this danger?

Let me explain this using another example.


Let’s say someone who has absorbed the law of attraction and manifestation is criticized by another person. He made a mistake from this other person’s point of view.

Did one of them manifest this conflict between them?

People who think that everything in their lives is manifested through their thoughts are often very careful to think “the right thing”.

To manifest only “the right thing”, in other words goodness, in their life.

These people sometimes get a problem in such conflict situations.

Because the other one, the one who criticized me, can’t be right.

The manifesting person couldn’t have made a mistake.

Because that would mean she would have thought something wrong. And this wrong thinking led to the mistake.

But that, this wrong thinking, would be even more fatal than the mistake for which criticism was made.

No, no, the critic simply cannot be right and must be wrong.

Critical faculties?

Completely absent.

Ability to deal with conflicts?

Not a chance.

In my opinion, we simply have to accept that we will always encounter things in life that do not have their cause in our thinking.

We just have to accept that we can and most likely will make mistakes.

This is the reality with which we have to go into an exchange.

We cannot simply strive for conflict-free happiness.

We must understand:

Life and growth are especially hidden in situations with questions, doubts, tension and pain.

Dealing carefully and attentively with negative situations.

Participating in reality.

Accepting one’s own creative powers as well as one’s own limits.

This is what we must do in parallel to all spirituality.

Greatness does not need an” everything is possible” mantra.

Greatness, human greatness contains healthy Humility.

Humility to accept that not everything is triggered by one’s own thoughts.

In this spirit I am more than ever looking forward to your feedback!

The more constructive, the better 😉

Take care, now,

See you soon,

Your Tamme

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Tamme @ Gratus.Art

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