The magic of seeing: In love with the mirror of creation

Once upon a time, I began to paint my heart on an empty canvas. It took the form of a countenance, not just any face, but that of a spirit enveloped in the colors of life. It is a picture that you must see to understand its profound meaning.

Take a closer look. Do you see the elegantly shaped nose? Or the closed eyes? Every detail comes from a deeper perception of love and consciousness that I have invested in every brushstroke. The lashes, possibly artificial, are closed as if resting within themselves for a while, defying the storms of the world by entering the still eye of the storm.

Gray, black, and white dominate the picture, interrupted by tiny accents of muted brown. But there are no gray areas in this story, only the contour of an irresistible beauty and divine truth. The details in the woman’s face serve as a captivating focal point, and her head forms an abstract yet familiar silhouette that allows you space for reflection, dreaming, and understanding.

The uniformity of the grayscale, bordered by silence and tranquility, enhances the focus on the deeper meaning behind this picture. It tells the story of a journey, the search for self and the deeper meaning of love.

I want to take you on a journey of the heart, a journey that showcases the power of art to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. Do you see yourself in this picture, in this face? Can you feel the wave of love flowing out of me and into you? Are you not now, like me, in love with the magnificence of creation, which is nothing other than pure, unconditional love? This image is your mirror, because love is what connects you and me. When you see yourself in this mirror of love, I’m sure you’ll want to rediscover yourself in it. Ultimately, at the end of the day, an image is nothing more than a door to the soul, a window to love and spiritual awareness. Step through it and let yourself be touched by the magic.


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Desk Mats