Spheres of tenderness: hand in hand through the fires of passion

Consider this picture. Do you feel the warmth emanating from the flaming reds? They swirl like fiery arms in a sacred ceremony, with tones of heartfelt blood, love, and passion, surrounded by gentle undertones of orange tenderness. It burns and blazes, tracing abstract shapes that tell stories of courage, passion, and determination.

Don’t the hands touch there? Don’t they merge in a unity pact? Do you see how these hands meet in a space where boundaries blur and human relationships are redefined? It is a reliable handshake, a message of agreement, partnership, and assumed friendship. It is a handshake that embodies the unity of humanity, despite the mysterious abstraction that surrounds it.

At first glance, it may show simple compositions, but if you delve deeper into this picture, you will discover the infinity of its meanings. Perhaps people are also dancing there, hidden in the brushstrokes, merged with the color, vibrating with the rhythm of life. They connect with each other, enchant us, whisper their promises and hopes to us.

It’s all there: romance, altruism, divine devotion, compassion; all these aspects of love intertwined, united in this picture brought to life by my hands. It is more than just a touch of color on the canvas, it is the story of every soul that has ever lived. It is a picture that invites you to open your heart, overcome your fears, and embark on a journey of self-discovery. A picture that reminds you that love, in all its forms and on all levels, is worth celebrating.


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Desk Mats

Poster and Wall deco