The poetry of two vibrating hearts

In the midst of a cosmos of gently interconnected shades of grey, two hearts rise up as if captured on a wall, like poems carved in stone. A mosaic of colourful feelings, awakened by the interplay of tiny, warm red stones in their centres, pulsates with the delicate beat of intimate closeness and universal love. It pulsates with the essence of our existence and the vibrating energy of affection, realisation and connection.

Fruits are scattered around it, royal blue, bright yellow, delicate green, as if nature itself is reflected in the colours of the hearts and celebrates our infinite love for it. Some of the fruits rest close to the hearts, others seem to be meaningfully distant, as if drawing a heavenly melody. They sing the song of our precious life and its many stages. They whisper the poem of growing emotions, experienced times, smooth and harmonious like life itself.

Stones streak the picture, the colours and textures, flowing like gentle waves over our love and merging with the mosaic of hearts, as a bridge between the earthiness of our existence and the fleeting beauty of our emotions. They are at once an integral part of the whole and yet individually removable, a perfect parable for our personal journey into our collective spirit.

This painting is so much more than just colours and shapes on a canvas, my dear. It is an invitation, an opportunity to explore the infinite labyrinth of love, to walk its many paths and to perceive the awakening of one’s own spiritual energy through art. It is a piece of lived experience wrapped in aesthetic beauty and inspiring design.

Let yourself be touched by the poetry of hearts, let yourself be embraced by the love that breathes in every brushstroke, every stone, every splash of colour. And maybe, just maybe, you will realise that there is an echo of this melody in the depths of your own heart, and you will understand how profound, comprehensive and yet simple love is.


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