The Masonic journey is a path of self-knowledge and deeper spiritual understanding. A way beside which there are -of course- many other paths to self-knowledge and deeper spiritual insight.

If someone chooses such a journey, such a path, then he or she chooses a path full of challenges and difficulties.

And whenever you arrive at such a challenge or difficulty, you ask yourself, naturally, why you are walking this path. Why you have chosen this path. Doubt arises.

But the truth is: once we have understood that such a path exists, we can no longer forget it. Can no longer turn back.

If we tried to do that, tried to ignore or forget the knowledge of this path, we would, in the end, only be fooling ourselves. We would probably never find inner peace and certainty again.

Because we would have to try to deny something that we knew to be true:

That there is something more. That there is more to life than material success and satisfaction.

If on the other hand we act, and go step by step on this path, we learn one thing very quickly: on this path there is no material gain. No material success. You walk this path for a different reason, for a higher goal than material success.

On the Masonic Path, for example, in addition to self-knowledge and deep spiritual insights, we also learn the value of brotherhood.

And we learn, on most of these paths, to trust God ( feel free to use any term that suits you and your path instead of ‘God’ here ).

We learn to have joy in our daily evolution.

On this path we come to a very important understanding:

Lasting joy and true beauty lie in the holiness we seek on this path.

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