Touching stone: the dance of shadows and light

In those moments when the noise of the world meets deafness, we retreat into the silence of solitude. Encounter the other in my painting, and feel the touch in the encounter. In the finely detailed, close-up sculpture, the mysterious beauty reveals itself, and in that moment, it is as if we are looking at ourselves in the mirror. In the intense gaze of one eye, you recognize not only the skill of the artist, but above all, the innermost part of a soul.

Dominating with shadowy gray tones and strikingly clear white, the scenery unfolds a melody of contrasts and shades. The decorative elements emerging in the background whisper silent stories of a home, perhaps a place of art and tranquility. The absence of color intensifies the drama of the painting and skillfully highlights the detailed profile of the sculpture.

In the simplicity of colors, the painting unfolds a rich depth that celebrates both the artist’s skill and a piece of humanity. Because it is more than just a sculpture – it is the manifestation of emotions and expression, frozen in time.

Do you see yourself in this monochromatic landscape of emotions? Do you feel the warmth gently flowing over the cold, gray tones? Perhaps you will discover, alongside your love for art, a newfound love for yourself and the world around you.

Allow yourself to be drawn into this fortress of silence and beauty until you find yourself within it. Amidst the noise in which we are often trapped, this artwork offers you a place of calm and harmony. Become a part of this world – this painting.



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