Treasure map of feelings: A wooden heart tells

My dear friend, may this image invite you to take a journey into the depths of human emotion and realise our connection to nature. Every fibre in this painting tries to convey a feeling of loving and being loved. The main figure, a lovingly carved heart in the centre of the painting, is a reminder of the passion and intensity of love, in all its facets. It could symbolise devotion to a lover, a smouldering love for humanity or perhaps the all-encompassing love we feel for nature.

The heart that forms from an opening in the wood plays an appealing contrasting role to the rough texture of the background. The rustic beauty of the wood emphasises the deep, dominant brown and reveals an aesthetic that celebrates both the marks of time and the unfolding of life. I have channelled my deepest feelings and thoughts into these memorable details.

The darkness that spreads before the glowing heart not only emphasises the visual expressiveness of love, but reminds us that within the darkness always lies the potential for light. Upon closer inspection, the dark background transforms into a field of endless possibilities, symbolising the impermanence of nature and the human spirit.

There are no faces or prominent landmarks – that is the intention. As an artist, I wanted to create an abstract image that is free for interpretation. It doesn’t matter if we are on the levels of romantic love, love of neighbour, love of God or love of nature, in the end we are all in search of love and connection.


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Poster and Wall deco


Desk Mats