vastness – ocean of life

The “ocean of life” is a great vastness for us humans.
Nobody knows what it will bring you, which ships will cross our path, and what weather it will bring us. Blue skies and calm sea can not be expected from this ocean.
Dirty weather and storms are part of life. They are often the greatest opportunities to grow as a human being.
And for some of us, the “ocean of life” is the chance to be a light in one’s life.

And yes, of course: You can also order this artwork – I would love that !
It is 60cm (23,622in) x 40cm (15,748in) and I have printed it 10 times in total (yes, it is limited).
Feel free to send me an email to tamme @ gratus . art or message me on social media and I will get back to you immediately!

And, as usual: this item is available as cryptoArt (NFT), in this case on*

*On this page I try to explain CryptoArt (NFT) in more detail and why I decided to offer my paintings as CryptoArt as well.