New Video Series: “weird” – inspirational quotes&more – episode 1

In this new series ” Weird ” I would like to share my thoughts and findings with you every now and then.

“Findings” can be something I have read or heard somewhere and which somehow inspired me.


In this video are the 4 findings:

“Believe in the square”

“Show humanity”

“Would I rather have more time or more money?”

“The calmness of God makes everything calm and he who lets himself down into the calmness of God rests.” Bernard of Clairvaux

And who knows: maybe these findings inspire you somehow?

Or maybe you would like to share your findings with us as a comment and inspire us?



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Here’s the transcript of this vlog:

Hey, glad you’re here!


Some time ago I had an idea for a new video sequence: Weird.

Well, it’s not weird that I had an idea. But the title of the series should be ” Weird ” -)


From time to time I would like to share a few findings and my thoughts on them with you.

Findings can be things that I have read or heard somewhere and that have somehow inspired me.

I would like to share these quotes with you here and maybe there are some things that inspire you, too. Who knows?

Today I have 4 of these findings for you. Just sit back and enjoy these 4 findings…

The first finding is:

“Believe in the square”

The first thing that came to my mind were a lot of rational things:

The square is a symbol for many things.

Perfectly balanced, for example, it stands for the number 4.

The 4, the earthly, the 4 elements.

For us Freemasons, the 4 sometimes stands for our “Lord Master”, that is, for example, in the Order of Freemason Jesus Christ.

Believe in the square – in everything that the 4 stands for.

Then I thought that the square is something created by man.

Just as many of our symbols were created by us.


We create the symbols for the things given to us.

In this case, for example, the square as a symbol for the 4 elements.

This is such a typical characteristic of us humans:

we’ll create the world.

Create our own world.

We transform the things that are given to us, the world that is given to us according to our ideas.

And that’s exactly what I think we’re supposed to do.

That’s exactly why we got our free will.

And our creativity, creative power.

And our minds.

Believe in the square – believe in your free will, your mind, your creativity!


What comes to your mind when you say “believe in the square”?

Just write a comment and inspire the others. We would be happy to read your findings.

The second finding for today is:


Show humanity


Phew… show the humanity… extensive topic… what is actually “human”?

Imperfection is human.

Rational, the mind is human.

Social, the human being as a herding animal – that is also somehow human – but not exclusively human.

Creator of his own reality – fits quite well to the first finding. But it’s also human.

Love – human.


For Christians, it would also be human:

The human being an image of God.

I find that somehow a paradox:

Imperfection is human and at the same time humans should be the image of a (supposedly) perfect God.


Maybe we were just an image of God in the very beginning.

And haven’t been for a long time?

But by our actions have removed us from him?

Or are we only on a meta-level, spiritual, an image of God?

And what would that mean? Then we would all be basically good people on this meta-level.

And to solve all our problems here on earth, it could perhaps be “enough” if we all remember this.

Would, so to speak, reflect on our strength.

Jeez, the world can be that simple. 😉

“Show the human” – “be human” my finding number 2 today.


The third finding is a question.

“Would I rather have more time or more money?”

I think I’d rather have more time.

Of course:

If I didn’t have enough money to live on, I probably would not think so.

Often, however, the amount of money you think you have to have depends only on your personal requirements.


But what would I do with “more time” anyway?

More of what I’m doing today?

More of what I am?

More of what I think why I’ m here?


Maybe I’d start wasting my time, too.

Just like sometimes people waste money.

Would do things I don’t do today because of the lack of time.

Then I wouldn’t be any happier with more time than I am today.

Maybe I wouldn’t even notice if I started wasting my time.

Then I would neither wish I had more money nor more time.

Luckily, some questions always remain theoretical 😉

What would you like more: more time or more money?


The fourth and last finding is a quotation:

The calmness of God makes everything calm and he who lets himself down into the calmness of God rests. Bernard of Clairvaux

God’s calmness; to let oneself down into His calmness.

That sounds like meditation, like contemplation.

I was wondering: how rare do I do that?

Too often daily hectic. The hectic pace of day-to-day life.

Hustle and bustle.

There’s hardly any room for peace and quietness.

Sometimes I seem to be looking for the hectic pace.

But then there are those moments when I enjoy being alone.

The calm.

Just me and… basically: God.

Such moments I should search even more often… Oh well… there it was again… this bad word… should.

In God’s calmness – can you do anything with it?


This time, that’s supposed to be enough findings for now.

Maybe there were one or two things that inspired you, too.

Then just let me know. Write me an email or a comment.

And just write your ” Finding of the week ” below in the comments.

Just like that.

I would be very happy if we would all be inspired by you and your findings!

So, what inspired you?


Take care, now,

see you soon,

Your Tamme

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Tamme @ Gratus.Art

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