The colour of love: of hearts and umbrellas

On May 12, 2024

The colour of love: of hearts and umbrellas

The colour of love: of hearts and umbrellas

Look with your eyes at this picture that I have created and feel the warmth and intensity that speaks from it. Two hearts are depicted on a wall, carefully and lovingly moulded by hand. They seem to have travelled directly from my soul onto the wall and are permeated with shades of brown – tones that create a sense of security and warmth like a protective cloak.

Next to the hearts, an umbrella can be recognised, which draws the eye to itself. A simple detail at first glance, it lends the picture additional depth. It encourages us to reflect, to immerse ourselves in the many stories behind the things we see.

The hearts are a powerful symbol that inevitably evokes thoughts of love, affection and deep emotion. But one of the hearts shows a tiny crack – a sign of pain, separation or healing? When you look at the picture, you become a part of these stories, a part of this enchanting picture.

Such simplicity paired with a surprising complexity is characteristic of this picture. Get involved, immerse yourself in the stories behind it. Caught between heart and screen, you will discover the power and tenderness that lies hidden in my art.

Let my picture touch and inspire you. Perhaps you will recognise something of your own story in it, perhaps it will light the way to a new understanding of love and vitality. It is an invitation to discover yourself in art and to surrender to it.


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Desk Mats