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Interview with a superhero

Experience fascinating, virtual interviews with a superhero who shares wisdom on love, nature, and spirituality. These imaginary dialogues offer you new perspectives and help you discover your own inner superpowers. Let yourself be inspired and enchanted.

Stoicism: Wisdom from the Ancient Stoics

Discover timeless wisdom and practical advice from the ancient Stoics. Each post offers insights to help you navigate life’s challenges with calm and resilience, guiding you to a more balanced and fulfilling life.

Freemasonry: Unveiling the Mysteries

Explore the rich history and philosophies of Freemasonry. Learn about its values and teachings, and how they inspire personal growth and enlightenment. Each post invites you to delve into the profound journey of Freemasonry.

Enlightening Wisdom: A Conversation with Doctor Strange on Masonic Principles

Enlightening Wisdom: A Conversation with Doctor Strange on Masonic Principles

In my latest interview, I had the honor of interviewing Doctor Strange, the master of the mystic arts. Doctor Strange spoke about Masonic principles and how they guide us to seek the light of wisdom and knowledge within ourselves. He emphasized that true light and enlightenment come from within and that self-knowledge is the first step on this path. For those interested in Freemasonry, these principles offer profound spiritual guidance. Doctor Strange explained how Freemasonry can promote self-knowledge, interpersonal relationships, freedom from fear, creativity and spiritual fulfillment. The principles help us to find and use our inner light to brighten our lives and the lives of others. The wisdom of Doctor Strange showed that the journey of self-discovery is not only intellectually, but also emotionally and spiritually enriching. May the light of wisdom always illuminate your path.

The search for inner light

The search for inner light

The search for inner light is a profound journey guided by the Masonic principles of wisdom and knowledge. This journey emphasizes the importance of self-knowledge, self-discipline and continuous education. Masonic symbols and rituals serve as powerful tools that support the seeker on their path from darkness to light. Through meditation, lifelong learning and community, each individual can find deeper understanding and inner clarity. These principles connect us to a higher level of consciousness and offer a path to authentic freedom and self-realization. Every step on this path is an act of responsibility and inner freedom that leads to a more fulfilling life.