Essence of love: strawberries as a lyrical canvas heart

On April 20, 2024

Essence of love: strawberries as a lyrical canvas heart

Essence of love: strawberries as a lyrical canvas heart

Linger a moment longer, rest your eyes on this unique picture, then you will recognize its deep message. In the middle of the bright white of nothingness, a composition of juicy ripe strawberries shines, forming a heart. How perfectly lined up, how symmetrically every single precious drop of Mother Nature has been placed on this […]

Look at this rich red color, feel how it envelops you and transports you to a space beyond the everyday world. The strawberries in their full ripeness represent the pinnacle of nature. Each one a sign of life, each one a small miracle of creation in its own right – brought together to form a symbol of universal […]

Strawberries and love – they belong together like yin and yang, like two sides of a coin. Together they form this heart that lies before you – juicy and tempting, so full of vitality and sensual pleasure. It not only symbolizes the romantic love between two people, it also stands for love for ourselves, love for our neighbour and universal love. In every single seed that sparkles on the shiny surface of each strawberry, the eternal nature of life and the all-encompassing love of God becomes visible.

The message of this picture is as simple as it is profound: love life, enjoy its gifts and pass on love. It is a silent invitation to engage with nature and appreciate its values. It is also a loving appeal to you to always take care of your health and nourish yourself with all that is beautiful and healthy.

Rest assured, this picture will add a new dimension of depth and beauty to your daily life. It will always be a source of joy and inspiration for you, reminding you to cherish every bright strawberry, every juicy, precious heart in your life. Think of it as your personal talisman of love and life…


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