Reflection of longing: cascades of love in red

On April 24, 2024

Reflection of longing: cascades of love in red

Reflection of longing: cascades of love in red

Let yourself be captivated by a world where love is painted in red. Here, on the canvas of my heart, you see a man in vibrant crimson, brought to life with every fiber of my brush and my soul. This painting is an echo of my inner map, a mirror of the intensity with which I perceive the world around me and love in all its facets.

Do you feel the red? It is the color of love, of the heart, and of passion. A powerful red that immediately captures you and leaves a lasting impression. It is the red of a wound that opens, paving the way for healing; it resembles a path of transformation, from pain to a higher form of love.

It may seem to you that the man in the painting is engulfed by the color, and that is the point. Do you see how he becomes one with the red, how he loses himself in it and finds himself again? How he envelopes himself in love and allows it to penetrate him, precisely because this love can sometimes be so overwhelming that it borders on pain?

And yet, amidst all the intensity of the red, do you recognize the subtle black undertones in the background of the painting? Perhaps they are shadows of despair; or perhaps they are the fertile ground from which powerful experiences of love emerge. They are part of it, because in every love, there are dark sides from which the colors of euphoria can arise.

This painting, my friend, is a call to the heart, an invitation to remember the infinite facets of love – romantic love, love for humanity, love for God, love for nature, and even tender self-love. Let yourself be touched by him, softened by him, and painted anew by him, in the deep, luminous, transformative color of love. For just like this man on my canvas, we are all on a journey to recognize and experience ourselves in the infinite color palette of love. Are you ready to paint your own love story in red?


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