tamme - who ?

If you see yourself as a positive person, as someone who looks towards the future –
If you see yourself as a “do-gooder” and ” seeker of meaning” –
If you even see spirituality as something very important to you –
– then you and me aren’t that different at all!
My name is Tamme – I am a photographer and clearly one of these people described above: a positively thinking do-gooder and seeker of meaning who embraces his spirituality.
My images are (often) abstract, (sometimes) colourful and (mostly) an expression of something that has touched me inside.
You will therefore not find “beautiful”, “pretty” or “famous” images here.

But you will find images that are an attempt to express a touch.
A touch as you know it – a touch between the world (out there) and you, the true you (deep inside you).
Sometimes fleeting – sometimes intense; sometimes short – sometimes lasting.

Touches like those we encounter every day on our journey, if we allow them to be and if we are mindful of the world.
My images and texts are meant to inspire you to encounter the world with mindfulness, to allow such touches and to allow yourself your very own spirituality.

Let’s walk a part of our journey together and share these moments with each other.

I look forward to walk with you,
Your Tamme

Tamme Maurer Gratus Art